Chiang Mai Nightlife and Paid Sex
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Everyone who reads this who has ever visited Chiang Mai and believes that laying off in the northern city means preventing a girl from Louis Croix or getting a girl from Lady Foxy 90% of the events. It is true what they say about Chiang Mai, you really need to know how to talk to some Thais to get more fun, but that is why there are so many people who live here because once you get it, you can have much fun.

Those who spend a few years here and are still unable to speak the Thai language have largely settled in their routine and stalker and rarely venture into different parts of Chiang Mai. It's okay if you do, but this post is about the other side of Chiang Mai, the real Chiang Mai. You can walk in many places alone and go out with another person. It is the place to buy sex in Chiang Mai.

Although it is still illegal, you cannot stop the world's oldest profession, which is why Australia legalized it! Having sex in Chiang Mai is a certainty in many places, and I will probably tell you about places you have not heard before and the places you know but not like Pattaya prices like Pattaya.

For those who have never gone to Chiang Mai before, there is this road called "Louis Kroh" that runs from the trench to the night bazaar along its length, which is "beer bars", where you can find girls paraffins at a cost of 300-500 baht. Some places have 200 on weekdays. Girls will mostly go to 1,000 bah, some ask about 1500 depending on what you think they can get away with. There are some sexy girls on this street of bars but I wouldn't say any pretty. If you want to be cheap, you can stop in one of the three places these girls go after the bar closes Zoe, Hot shot and Lucky where you can get cheap and avoid the bar well but maybe spend more on drinks.

Honestly, the Foxy Lady option is located only in Chiang Mai and is the only option for a decent Go Go bar. Some pretty ladies here for some time full time just passing by. Girls ask about like the year 2000, and the fine of a 600 bar that you can reduce to 1500 depends on how you feel about you and don't remember that girls are not forced to stay there. But she is young and all the girls can pass there in a week, and you don't want to gather them all anyway You'll see some of these girls later on in Hot Shot with them that Jones is not the place to go if I pay for a girl but every one of them is yours.

The next places for men to catch in Chiang Mai are massages, as Sayuri is one of the best players to head there. But it is not the only place in the city where there are more massages in Chiang Mai if you know where to go. Gold Star has a large Asian number, but it seems that Varang is not going there maybe because I wasn't used to mention it, I wanted to keep low price prices that is only 1400 for 90 minutes. Worn by place but still a good and good choice for girls.

Below are brothels where the old timers have disappeared from the Old Housewives Club, and have replaced some narrow-bitched bitches and I will not use F * () with a broom handle, but men are still on their way there (see map).

I still think the glass window brothel is better and so is the underground brothel. Prices in both places are reasonable you can call in advance and the girl will wait for you outside while she picks it up! Sure, you have to go there several times in my experience, go to these places to get girls and get addicted and come back several times and this is what happened when I went to check 99 brothels in Santitam after missadventure with a prostitute in Burmese brothel after someone was knocking Home door after 30 minutes to tell me to finish, that's what makes you 500 baht anyway? 99 probably will have the best girls of any brothel in Chiang Mai, but the policy there is that if you don't speak Thai while you are away, they won't let you go with the girls.

Now you will see that Chiang Mai is a karaoke city in fact most of Thailand is the only other place where you will see many karaoke homes in Thailand is Bangkok.

In fact, I can count 10 new karaoke homes that have opened their doors in the past few years. In fact, Chiang Mai was Karoake's hometown of Thai style in Thailand.

Now while most brothels love to grab themselves by hanging karaoke, sign up at the front, the difference is with a brothel, where girls are inside with a Karoake girl hanging from the outside. Maybe only 10% of the girls working in Karaoke will actually go home with you.

I say another 30% will give you their number so they can go home with you the next day when he doesn't see all of her friends and another 10% will probably come to see you the next day because they really love you. Can you have sex at a karaoke house in Chiang Mai Yes I say 50% of the time.

There are some karaoke houses half karaoke and half brothel like 20 twenty karaoke brings girls and parts of them to the left and right, one side goes home with you the other side no ter will do the same and now she has two locations but get there early! The price of girls can range from 1500 baht to 3000 baht. The girls who look better in Cherry Bey, in fact Cherry Bay has a guarantee and the only place they don't get upset! Cheaper to go to Cherry with a group, but girls there are only 240 baht per hour, I recommend because the place is new and girls are lane.

If you are not sure about karaoke or afraid of a breakdown, go inside and drink one drink for you, sit in the bar and ask to speak to the mamasan, and ask her about the girls who will go home with you and which do not. When girls stand out, be sure to buy Mamason a good drink, too.

Finally there are wolf clubs, there are now 3 in town and they have the best party girls from anywhere in Chiang Mai, there are bangs 1 and 2 and the new place Posh House. Bang Saen 2 has the largest number of girls from anywhere, and Farang is still on the adventure. Girls cost 400 baht per hour, so it's best to make sure you're good at picking girls, and they have a three-pitch promo for Leo 150 baht which makes 2 hours with a girl costing around 1,000 baht. Most girls here still make only 10-15,000 baht per month, and if you don't look half bad, you can make the girl do you for three thousand years if you speak Thai well, you can get her number and meet her noodles the next day.

Sofa is new and has a number of hot Korat girls shipped and the only place where there are wolves from Essan. In fact, I say that 90% of girls work in brothels, karaoke, soap and wolf clubs from northern Thailand, it is only Louis Kro that has these girls Little girls. Sofa House only wants 150 baht a drink for girls, but Liu and the big snow do not exceed 100 baht! There are a few girls here that will go with you but only outside hours, and you will ask for at least 3000 baht.

Wolf joints are more fun and girls wear less clothes but you can spend equally fun time and find girls in some karaoke houses if you know how to choose girls and know how to excite girls to dance and take off your clothes.

So far these are my top picks for places to find paid sex and some free giveaways too in Chiang Mai. There are lots of other places that I haven't even been covered in like a few brothels in Chiang Mai Land, Iris wolves girls and some karaoke OK on Chang Klan but if you've gone to all the places mentioned in this list then leave a comment and tell me to write more, If you are the owner of a blogging community and you are not in all of these places, stop writing stories and inform people that Chiang Mai deals with fans

Another thing about Chiang Mai's nightlife and paid sex, and see if Thailand America Bangkok will be New York Phuket Miami will Chiang Mai be Los Angeles and Pattaya will be Vegas. Vegas is very fun where you can go to many places in one night, Miami is fun but overrated for what you get, New York is great if you like working, but everyone wants to live in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, everything is spread out and you need wheels to get around, and there is no central location for anything, so you have to do miles to reach it. This is what Chiang Mai resembles, there are many temples around the ancient city by law that cannot create all nightlife centrally they should spread and that's why people say Chiang Mai is boring because they don't know where shit it is.

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